Testimonial from Yvonne McHugh
Dear Anderson Bros,

You recently moved us from Berkeley, CA to Point Richmond, CA. It was an extraordinarily successful move because of the planning by Karl and Toby and the Office person, and the management of the move and crew by Toby and Steve. We were terrifically impressed by how Anderson Bros. employees were always on-time (looking well-groomed and so neat in their work uniforms) with the right moving supplies and equipment needed, and how every single person worked so hard and so SMART. The EFFICIENCY of the methods used by the crew startled us – we’ve never heard of or seen anything like the strategies you used to save time and energy and to keep the crew enjoying their work, while never sacrificing on quality. On top of doing an excellent job, each person seemed to take such pride in doing so and they seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and to enjoy working together. Steve was very good at managing, decision-making and also keeping spirits high. There was a really refreshing positive camaraderie and happy feeling exuded by the whole team, and we felt good having them around, packing and moving us away from our house in Berkeley (with almost 30 years of accumulated belongings), to our new home in a big condominium complex in Point Richmond.

When extra help was needed to solve a problem, Toby was right there – actually he was always where he was needed, with the ability to see the “big picture” and manage accordingly, e.g., dealing with the particular rules of the on site facilities management.

When we needed some flexibility and special skills, e.g., while we re-figured out how the built-in office furniture could be installed, the RIGHT person appeared to confirm that the new arrangement would work and to finish the mechanics of the installation with appropriate tools.

We are happy to report that nothing was broken, everything was well-labeled, nothing went missing and everything was put where it should have been (even though this became a challenge for the crew as the open space diminished).

We’d also like to commend Karl for his professional and supportive first meeting with us and for the transparent; way in which he estimated the cost and time of the move, and for giving us the information and resources to stay under the estimate. We want to thank the Office person who answered our many questions, who managed the right packing materials being delivered to us on time, and who schedule the crew and equipment so perfectly. She was such a positive and professional person to speak with on the phone, and gave us more and more confidence in our decision to move with Anderson Bros. as we approached the time of the actual move.

We were impressed with not only the spiffy appearance of your moving trucks but also the appropriateness of the different sizes used to handle the furniture, delicate art work and for those belongings slated to go to a storage unit with limited access. Finally, your web site very nicely designed and was very useful too, and helped to get us to phone you following our realtor’s recommendation.

Thanks so much!

Yvonne McHugh
Tony Brake

I also wrote a very positive recommendation on YELP!

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