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Looking For The Right Mover?

If You’re Looking For A Mover Who Is Trustworthy, Experienced, Reliable and Offers Service For A Fair Price …

Let’s Talk About Making The Right Move!

Don’t Risk Your Belongings


To be very clear, all movers are NOT alike.

Click on the above picture to download our “Choosing the Right Mover Checklist” to get you headed in the right direction. The reality is, anybody with a pickup truck can claim to be a moving company…but do you really feel good about hiring some uninsured unlicensed guys who picked up their “help” from in front of the local “Big Box” construction supply store this morning?  Yeah, I wouldn’t either! What’s your recourse if something goes wrong…horribly wrong?

Protect Yourself

Table-of-Measurements 1

In order to compare “apples to apples”

and get an accurate bid, you need to provide your mover with ALL the details of your move.
Click on the above picture to download the Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) “Table of Measurements” form (a legal form used by reputable companies to provide the consumer protection from price switching) and fill it out as detailed as you can to get the most accurate cost estimate and protect yourself against “bait and switch” tactics.

Senior Moving

Senior Moving

We are very sensitive and patient when working with Seniors and also offer Seniors a 5% discount.

Following are special tips for people who are downsizing or moving to a retirement community:

It’s hard to imagine parting with so many of your things, but very often people over-estimate the size of their new home or under-estimate how many things they have.
If it won’t fit, give it to a relative to cherish, or re-home it.

As the saying goes, “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We hope this helps you get solid information from which to make an educated decision. Please give us a call if you have any questions.