Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

We offer both short and long-term storage for reasonable monthly rates at secure, convenient locations throughout the Bay Area. Our facilities are in Brisbane, Oakland, Concord, and Martinez.

Furniture and possessions  are carefully tagged, inventoried, wrapped in cloth pads, and placed in containers referred to as "vaults". Each sealed vault holds approximately one room of furniture and can only be accessed by the storage owner with a warehouseman present.

Our storage is safer than self-storage facilities. No one can cut your lock and steal your goods. However, if you require "active access" we can deliver your goods to a self-storage facility of your choice. This is where "you lock it and you keep the key". We can paper pad and shrink wrap (for a fee) as well as place items where you request in your storage unit.

We also can load on-site storage, such as "Units" or "Pods" using paper pads and tape (for a fee). Sadly large items, such as oversized sofas, are extremely difficult to pack into onsite units due to their large construction and fragile nature.