We are very sensitive and patient when working with Seniors and also offer Seniors a 5% discount. Following are special tips for people who are downsizing or moving to a retirement community:

Don't try to bring everything. It's hard to imagine parting with so many of your things, but very often people over-estimate the size of their new home or under-estimate how many things they have.

If you need to downsize, take time to figure out exactly where things will be placed. If it won't fit, give it to a relative to cherish, or re-home it. If you don't know someone who will enjoy those things, try FreeCycle (an email group where people give away unneeded items) or donate to a charity.

Many active adult and retirement communities have service elevators for moving furniture and other heavy items. In order to receive the most accurate estimate possible, find out where this elevator is in relation to your new home. Often it is nowhere near the elevator you will use every day.

If you haven't moved in awhile, be sure to OVER-ESTIMATE the time you think it will take to sort and pack your belongings. We frequently find people in this situation who aren't ready on moving day. This increases both cost and stress!

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