We move anywhere within the state of California, offer “exclusive” use (your belongings only) on our moving van and we guarantee pick up and delivery dates. We use our full-time employees, which means the same crew that loads your belongings also drive and unload into your new residence. Many other companies use local “lumpers” (you’ve seen them standing outside of Home Depot, etc.) for help. These could be unsavory characters that you would never want in your home, because they would know how your doors lock and windows latch.

Rather than charging per hour (local moving), moves over 100 constructive miles are calculated on weight. Prior to loading the van, it is taken to the scales and weighed for the “tare” weight. After loading, it is weighed again and a certificate is provided with the “gross” weight. Subtracting these two weights will give you your “net” weight. This is the basis for long distance charges. We also provide FREE use of our wardrobe boxes that hold hanging clothes.