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Dear Karl,

We are quick to vocalize our displeasure with poor service and usually take a quality effort for granted. Your staff has so consistently exhibited both professionalism and warmth when dealing with our residents that it must be noted.

As you are aware, we recently moved nine residents from the first floor to other rooms within the Community to make way for the construction of a Dementia Care Wing. These were individuals who had lived in those apartments for as long as five years and were not happy about moving. The skill and courtesy of your employees left each of these individuals happy in their new homes.

One resident in particular come to see me and relayed how the movers had even taped the picture of her husband in the exact place that it was in the old room. Caring about the details is what makes a company successful. It is apparent from the behavior of your staff that you care.

Gerry Vadnais
Executive Director

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Carlotta A. Tormey

Dear Anderson Brothers Movers,

This thank you is long overdue yet still heartfelt. Your company made my 1st time move in 37 years for easier than I ever expected. It was a very difficult and emotional time for me and being able to count on your capable, professional employees was a Giant relief.

I would happily recommend you to anyone moving anywhere.

Thank you again for your prompt, compassionate, caring, careful and respectful treatment of my belonging in getting them all safely unharmed to my new location 130 miles away.

With thanks and best wishes,
Carlotta A. Tormey

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Sharon Choyce and the Choyce Family

Dearest Carl,

How are you? I am finally at a point, that I can sit and say “Thank You” not only you, but to your wonderful workers.

In counting, I believe Anderson Brothers have moved us a total of eight times. Each time, from the start, you were very professional and respectful to our needs, also demonstrating much patience with challenges of the environments, (the hills). You were so kind to be very accommodating for the dates that we needed, when we moved from Midship in Hercules to Square Rigger.

The names of your workers are fleeting for me at this point. However, I remember the faces, but not the names. Please tell them, they are the greatest in the business, and thank you!

Carl, I will not say that I won’t have to call you again. As you know we have had very misfortunate events to happen in our life the past 5 years, beyond our control. I am aware we are not unique; I know not only our family, but for so many families. Nevertheless, have a WONDERFUL Christmas, and Happy New Year! The Choyce family prays that you will experience an abundance of Blessings, Peace with divine protection, not only for your business but for your family as well.

Sharon Choyce and
The Choyce Family

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Joy Perkins

Hi Leigh,

Lola was delighted with the work Steve & Lou did with setting up her new home.
Thanks so much for- once again- offering the best service for my clients.
Can’t remember if you have her mailing address for the invoice – Ms. Lola F. Wong.
Here’s a picture of her in the reception area when I officially moved her in this morning.

Omnibus Organizing
New website- www.OmnibusOrganization.com
Organizing Solutions for Busy People
Joy Perkins, Owner
(925) 216-9333

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San Ramon Valley | United Methodist Church


Dear Mr. Anderson,

My husband and I want to commend your excellent staff after June 1, 2011 move with your company. From my first contact with Leigh until Steve and Lou drove away from our new residence, it was a positive experience.

You were recommended by a friend who is retired from Mayflowers Movers. Our move was unexpected and had less than a month turn –around time. Considerate and competent assistance from your staff made a difficult time easier, and we are grateful.

Leigh was gracious in answering many questions about your services, gave an estimate, immediately sent a confirmation letter and returned calls and emails promptly. After my first conversation with here I booked with you, having the confidence from my conversation with her that I had found the right company and did not need to use valuable time checking others. Her estimated arrival time of the moving team was exact to the minute! She had said approximately 12 noon and at exactly 12 noon Steve and Lou were at my front door. They toured the house we were leaving and got to work immediately, moving us to our new home, the house next door. They worked without stopping, were friendly and fun to have around, and were gracious in moving some very large pieces of furniture down stairs and then up stairs. Even with the large, heavy items they were extremely professional, moving the Item carefully. There was no damage during the move, despite the glass shelves and size of some of the items. They even went so far as to suggest room arrangement (but only when asked for their advice!) and offered to move the same piece of furniture again when I wasn’t sure I liked where I had asked them to place it. I could not have even happier with their service to us.

I have moved many times in my life and have never had a better crew. I have already told people about my positive experience with Anderson Bros. Movers and have suggested if they have a move in their future that they contact you. I realize the quality of service from any company depends on the individuals who provide the service, and therefore I wanted to let you know of the excellent work of Leigh, Steve and Lou. If and when another move is in my future, as it most likely will be, I will turn to you again. Knowing of your company and the quality service you provide makes that possibility less intimidating. Thank you for the fine staff you provide us!

Rev. Dawn E. Boyd

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Derek and Marty


Last Saturday, Toby, Lawrence and Steve moved us from Sausalito. Although the distance was short, there were several significant logistical challenges. I am writing to say that these three men were amazing, skilled, thoughtful, hardworking and full of good humor throughout the long day. Their spirits buoyed us, their professionalism assured us. Please extend our gratitude and admiration to all three.

Derek and Marty

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Susan Miller

Dear Leigh,

Thank you for your informative and efficient customer service! I enjoyed speaking with you and chose Anderson Bros Movers based on our conversation. Also, many thanks for sending two professional, extremely courteous, diligent and fastidious gentlemen to move my belongings. Toby (sp?) and Tim. They were wonderful! I held my breath as they circumnavigated obstacles with very large and awkward pieces of furniture…PHEW! They were BRILLIANT! And despite the three locations we visited this past Saturday, April 9th, they remained upbeat, positive and professional at all times. I, personally, thought my move was “complicated” and “narrowing”, but Toby and Tim never let on if they thought the same!

THANK YOU for a seamless day and two really patient, nice and INGENUITIVE gentlemen to move me! AWESOME JOB! They deserve a PROMOTION and a RAISE! Three cheers for Toby & Tim!

Thank you again! I will gladly refer Anderson Bros Movers to anyone moving in the Bay Area!

Best regards,
Susan Miller

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Harold and Jean Somerset

Dear Karl,

Accolades to Don, Steve and all their crew! Moving after 26 years in one home is no picnic but you’re preparing us and the wonderful work your crew did for us was huge. They were very professional and efficient but also extremely polite and helpful to us. They were low key and never stressed during either the packing day or the moving day. They were a real team and helpful to each other also. All this went a long way to reduce the stress for us in what might otherwise have been a very difficult time. Your team was always ready to accommodate special requests we made during moving day. Everything Anderson moved for us arrived safely and we are now pretty well settled in our new home. I thanked you personally this afternoon but please pass our thanks on to all the team that moved us so well.

Harold and Jean Somerset

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