Dear Karl,

We are quick to vocalize our displeasure with poor service and usually take a quality effort for granted. Your staff has so consistently exhibited both professionalism and warmth when dealing with our residents that it must be noted.

As you are aware, we recently moved nine residents from the first floor to other rooms within the Community to make way for the construction of a Dementia Care Wing. These were individuals who had lived in those apartments for as long as five years and were not happy about moving. The skill and courtesy of your employees left each of these individuals happy in their new homes.

One resident in particular come to see me and relayed how the movers had even taped the picture of her husband in the exact place that it was in the old room. Caring about the details is what makes a company successful. It is apparent from the behavior of your staff that you care.

Gerry Vadnais
Executive Director

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