Dearest Carl,

How are you? I am finally at a point, that I can sit and say “Thank You” not only you, but to your wonderful workers.

In counting, I believe Anderson Brothers have moved us a total of eight times. Each time, from the start, you were very professional and respectful to our needs, also demonstrating much patience with challenges of the environments, (the hills). You were so kind to be very accommodating for the dates that we needed, when we moved from Midship in Hercules to Square Rigger.

The names of your workers are fleeting for me at this point. However, I remember the faces, but not the names. Please tell them, they are the greatest in the business, and thank you!

Carl, I will not say that I won’t have to call you again. As you know we have had very misfortunate events to happen in our life the past 5 years, beyond our control. I am aware we are not unique; I know not only our family, but for so many families. Nevertheless, have a WONDERFUL Christmas, and Happy New Year! The Choyce family prays that you will experience an abundance of Blessings, Peace with divine protection, not only for your business but for your family as well.

Sharon Choyce and
The Choyce Family

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