Dear Mr. Anderson,

My husband and I want to commend your excellent staff after June 1, 2011 move with your company. From my first contact with Leigh until Steve and Lou drove away from our new residence, it was a positive experience.

You were recommended by a friend who is retired from Mayflowers Movers. Our move was unexpected and had less than a month turn –around time. Considerate and competent assistance from your staff made a difficult time easier, and we are grateful.

Leigh was gracious in answering many questions about your services, gave an estimate, immediately sent a confirmation letter and returned calls and emails promptly. After my first conversation with here I booked with you, having the confidence from my conversation with her that I had found the right company and did not need to use valuable time checking others. Her estimated arrival time of the moving team was exact to the minute! She had said approximately 12 noon and at exactly 12 noon Steve and Lou were at my front door. They toured the house we were leaving and got to work immediately, moving us to our new home, the house next door. They worked without stopping, were friendly and fun to have around, and were gracious in moving some very large pieces of furniture down stairs and then up stairs. Even with the large, heavy items they were extremely professional, moving the Item carefully. There was no damage during the move, despite the glass shelves and size of some of the items. They even went so far as to suggest room arrangement (but only when asked for their advice!) and offered to move the same piece of furniture again when I wasn’t sure I liked where I had asked them to place it. I could not have even happier with their service to us.

I have moved many times in my life and have never had a better crew. I have already told people about my positive experience with Anderson Bros. Movers and have suggested if they have a move in their future that they contact you. I realize the quality of service from any company depends on the individuals who provide the service, and therefore I wanted to let you know of the excellent work of Leigh, Steve and Lou. If and when another move is in my future, as it most likely will be, I will turn to you again. Knowing of your company and the quality service you provide makes that possibility less intimidating. Thank you for the fine staff you provide us!

Rev. Dawn E. Boyd

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